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Lions Gate Virtual Views, June 13, 2022


Welcome to Lions Gate Virtual Views. We are glad that you can escape with us on these weekly virtual journeys!


Please email Melanie with any feedback or suggestions for future program content. Enjoy!

This Sunday (June 19) is Father’s Day. Here’s a video of the day’s origins: 













Let’s get our bodies moving now. Here’s a 47-minute chair yoga and dance class to pay tribute to all people celebrating Father’s Day














Now let’s get our brains going with this multiple-choice trivia quiz. I learned something, did you?














Here is a funny video of father fails:














If you like that, and you like pranks, you might like this:














Let’s get some time outside:














This is a Father’s Day message that will melt your heart.














Let’s end the day with a little more levity with Season 1, Episode 1 of Father Knows Best, starring Robert Young and Jane Wyatt, from October 1954.













I hope that you had a good day.

Please send us your feedback. It will help us build a better program for YOU.

Stay safe and I hope you check back in next week - Monday, June 20.

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