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Lions Gate Virtual Views

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Lions Gate Virtual Views, Aug 28, 2023


Welcome to Lions Gate Virtual Views. We are glad that you can escape with us on these weekly virtual journeys!


Please email the Seniors' Hub with any feedback or suggestions for future program content. Enjoy!

You may or may not have Arthritis in your knees but regardless, this video may be useful to keep those knee joints flexible without increasing your pain.














Let’s learn some new exercises to improve memory with this video. While I can’t in any way verify the validity of the claim for a 90 per cent increase to your memory, I do believe that these exercises can’t hurt and may very well help.















Here is a healthy and yummy fruit recipe that may be fun to try. It looks like a great dessert to take to a social function.















While it has been a little bit smoky some days, it’s also a good idea to get some time outside. If you can find a day that the air quality is good and you want to go for a bit of a drive, then heading towards Squamish is a gorgeous route and you can stop at the third highest waterfall in B.C. Shannon Falls is only a short walk, and it is well worth it.















You know that Jeanne Robertson is one of my favourite comedians. Here is a new video that should give you a chuckle.















Let’s end our day today with the greatest hits of the 1950s. I’m sure that you will be able to sing along to many of these songs. If one comes up that you don’t like, just forward to the next song.














I hope you had a great day today.


Please send us your feedback. It will help us build a better program for YOU.

Stay safe and I hope you check back in next week - Monday, Sept. 4.

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