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Lions Gate Virtual Views

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Lions Gate Virtual Views, April 24, 2023


Welcome to Lions Gate Virtual Views. We are glad that you can escape with us on these weekly virtual journeys!


Please email the Seniors' Hub with any feedback or suggestions for future program content. Enjoy!

Let’s get the morning started with my favourite seniors’ exercise guru, Paul Eugene, with this get-back-to-exercise video.













How common is common sense? I think it isn’t quite as common as we would like to think! Let's get our brains going with this test of our common sense.













Here are some great oatmeal recipes that you may want to make for your breakfast:














Let’s all stand up and walk in place while we enjoy this 4 km walk through the spring cherry blossoms in Vancouver.














Laughter is the greatest! I believe that Stewart McLean, an iconic Canadian storyteller, can provide us with laughter. Here is a great story of his, Dave Makes Maple Syrup:













While Friday, April 21 was the last day of Ramadan and the First Day of Eid, I thought that it would honour our Muslim friends and neighbours with this:














I think this Greek dance video is great:














And, while I was at it, I came across this other dance number that melted my heart. 













I hope you had a great day. 


Please send us your feedback. It will help us build a better program for YOU.

Stay safe and I hope you check back in next week - Monday, May 1.

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