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Meet the Capilano Community Services Society team


Stephanie Aldridge

Executive Director

604-988-7115 ext. 2001

Stephanie is excited to join Capilano Community Services Society from the public health sector, where she worked as a care provider, educator and senior leader in cancer care.  As a leader, she strives to foster creativity and adaptability in teams, so organizations can sustain themselves long into the future, while maintaining focus on their mission and people.


Stephanie has always been an active community member, volunteering for many non-profits locally and nationally – more recently as a parent volunteer at Norgate Xwemélch’stn Community Elementary as well as delivering meals to seniors during the pandemic. She loves working with people and feels strongly that volunteerism, inclusion and diversity are the keys to healthy and vibrant communities. She loves to spend her time outdoors in the garden or exploring the North Shore with her young family. 

Miki Head Shot-Edited2.jpg

Miki Nash

Manager of Administrative Services

604-988-7115 ext. 2002

Miki provides seamless service for the many administrative functions that keep us organized and on-track, as well as supporting five other non-profit organizations that share space at our facility. Miki also manages a wonderful volunteer team, who together run the Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP).


Miki has been employed with CCSS since 1993 (our longest-serving staff member!) and she has seen the agency grow and change through that time. She is happy to be working at the new Lions Gate Community Recreation Centre and getting to know the neighbourhood. The larger space at the new centre will provide greater opportunities to deliver exciting programs and also offer increased community information and resources.

Maralyn - Head Shot.JPG.jpg

Maralyn Wild

Program Manager

604-988-7115 ext. 2003

Maralyn has a background in working with government, non-profit, private sector organizations and Indigenous communities. Her skills include program management, vocational counselling, classroom facilitation, development of public education and outreach programs, events coordination, delivering immigrant settlement programs, website and social media content development, corporate communications and stakeholder negotiations.


In her spare time, Maralyn enjoys community volunteering, cooking, kayaking, hiking, travelling and photography.


Maralyn is excited to be part of the CCSS team. She is looking forward to bringing innovative and engaging programming to the new Lions Gate Community Recreation Centre and connecting with residents, community groups and stakeholders across the North Shore.


Anita Parti

Seniors’ Hub Program Coordinator


Anita comes from a background working with marginalized populations particularly in the non profit and seniors’ sector in a number of roles; including several years' experience in the business, trades, education, non-profit, and employment industries.


She has successfully built strong relationships in the education and social services communities maintaining key partnerships, while identifying new opportunities for collaboration across sectors. She loves working with people and looks forward to growing programs and services for seniors living on the North Shore.

Anita loves to spend her time outdoors boating, camping, and is a natural hot springs enthusiast


Jennifer Dibnah

My Lions Gate Break Program Coordinator


Jennifer Dibnah was born and raised in North Vancouver. She caught the travel bug after high school and lived in Europe for a number of years. However, she returned to North Vancouver and completed her degree in Psychology and is now raising a young family. 


Jen has taught yoga, including chair yoga for more than 12 years. She has a special affinity for working with seniors and is very interested in dementia services. She was the original coordinator for My Parkgate Break, has been working in non-profits for more than 25 years.


Jen is delighted to be back as the Coordinator for My Lions Gate BREAK and is looking forward to creating more dementia services on the North Shore. 


Fariba Tehrani

Seniors' Hub Program Assistant

604-988-7115 ext. 2008

Fariba became a registered nurse in Austria, and has lived on the North Shore for 25 years. 


She was working with geriatric patients in the private sector but was unable to continue following a car accident. Fariba became a volunteer for Capilano Community Services in 2007 and was soon recognized for her value to the organization, becoming an employee in 2008.


Fariba is passionate about working with seniors and loves to make their time in our programs joyful. 

snow selfie.jpg

Marjorie Somerton

Volunteer Coordinator

604-988-7115 ext. 2004

Marjorie brings an extensive background in Seniors Programming, Heritage Interpretation and Communications.


She is excited to be part of the team and looks forward to connecting people in the community to rewarding new volunteer opportunities at Capilano Community Services. She believes that volunteers play a vital role and are worth their weight in gold.


Marjorie began her career in radio and is a natural storyteller.  She has worked in a bunkhouse in the woods, a replica train station, and is now overlooking the gym in the new Lions Gate Community Recreation Centre.


Marjorie loves hot springs, walking forest trails and being close to the mountains and water. She enjoys train travel; character houses and winter is her favorite season.

Tanya-Headshot-Feb 2023.jpg

Tanya Vipond

Program Development Coordinator


As a Program Development Coordinator Tanya is excited to contribute to the community; to develop and facilitate programs, creating opportunities for people to connect, collaborate and support one another. Tanya comes to Capilano Services with a background in supporting diverse populations in social and mental health through behavioural intervention, special education, counselling, coaching, teaching, program and curriculum creation and delivery.


Tanya spent many years travelling and teaching, developing a love of learning and connecting with members of diverse communities through work and volunteer activities. In her professional work she incorporates art and yoga, fitness, nutrition, and education as tools for both personal growth, well-being and facilitating community connections.


Tanya applies a simple philosophy in her work as in her personal life: shared experiences create opportunity for happiness, physical and psychological well-being. She looks forward to connecting with members of the community.


Yasmin Soliman

Family and Children's Program Coordinator

604-988-7115 ext. 2007

Yasmin is passionate about working with children and families.


Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Marketing, and a certificate in Early Childhood Education. After moving to Canada, Yasmin worked as an educator and director of childcare at a private childcare center. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and ideas to her role with Capilano Community Services, to create and deliver the best environment and experiences for families and children through their early years.

Outside of work, Yasmin loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys playing basketball, exercising, travelling, and going on hikes.

Family Worker

Office: 604-988-7115  ext. 2007


Xi Wu

Xi was born and raised in China, where she worked as a pediatrician's assistant for five years. She moved to the US and subsequently to Canada with her family in 2015 and fell in love with North Vancouver.

Xi’s entire career has centred around working with children. After moving to Canada, she obtained her Early Childhood Education Certificate (ECE) and worked at a variety of preschools, childcare centers, and summer camps. She has a passion for helping children and families build a strong foundation during the critical window of early childhood development. Xi brings her creativity and talents to our Family and Children’s Program where she can be found leading activities such as art, music, and circle time.


Outside of work, Xi loves spending time with her husband and two sons. She also enjoys travelling internationally, and outdoor activities such as hiking and camping



Ashley Lougheed

Youth Services Outreach Lead

Cell: 604-417-5474

Office: 604-988-7115 ext. 2005

Prior to joining Capilano Community Services Society as a Youth Outreach Worker, Ashley worked with both children and older youth, including at-risk populations. These experiences have helped her gain valuable insight into communicating effectively with children, youth and their families, and appreciating the unique story of each individual. Ashley also volunteers with the Crisis Centre of BC.

Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, along with crisis intervention and suicide prevention training. Ashley also has a novice background in American Sign Language.

Outside of work, you can find Ashley outdoors, playing with animals, or having laughs with her friends and family. She is always up for an adventure and loves to live a spontaneous life. 


Sydney Warburton

Youth Outreach Worker

Cell: 604-418-3354

Office: 604-988-7115 ext. 2006

Sydney has worked with youth for the past 6 years, in recreational settings. Her previous work experience included being a program leader, as well as a youth ambassador where she collaborated with youth across Canada. She has a passion for supporting youth and is well versed in creating a welcoming non-judgmental environment. 

Sydney has a bachelor's degree in psychology and has also completed suicide intervention training. Sydney is also a dance instructor and loves empowering youth to incorporate creativity and physical activity as a part of their mental wellness. In her free time, you will find her with family, reading a book, or outdoors enjoying the beauty of BC. Sydney is eager to connect with the youth of the North Shore. 


Nick Avery

Youth Program Coordinator 

Cell: 604-417-7095

Office: 604-988-7115 ext. 2005

Nick is passionate about working and connecting with at-risk youth, providing them support so they can thrive in the community.

Previously employed with the Vancouver School Board, he was responsible for reducing barriers to participation for vulnerable and underprivileged youth. He is skilled at creating a fun inclusive environment and fostering positive relationships to help youth reach their full potential.

Nick is a sports enthusiast. During his free time, you can find Nick on the basketball court or up the mountain skiing!

Youth Outreach Worker

Cell: 604-418-3354

Office: 604-988-7115 ext. 2006

julia headshot .jpeg

Julia Kadera 

Julia grew up on Vancouver Island. She is half Japanese, half Czech and loves learning about different cultures – enriching the way she works with community. From an early age Julia’s passion has been to help people thrive. She has gained valuable skills and an understanding of community needs from volunteering at organizations such as the 7-10 Club (a Nanaimo soup kitchen), the Immigrant Welcome Center, the Food4U Program, the Alzheimer Society, Global Village and a high school breakfast program.


Julia completed her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience at the University of Victoria. Prior to working at CCSS, she was employed as a youth worker, a care aid, and worked in Colombia as a specialized support worker.


In her free time, Julia loves to do anything related to outdoor adventure - climbing, hiking, surfing, and mountain biking. She also loves to cook and share food from around the world.

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