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Lions Gate Virtual Views - January 12, 2022


Welcome to Lions Gate Virtual Views. We are glad that you can escape with us on these weekly virtual journeys!


Please email Melanie with any feedback or suggestions for future program content. Enjoy!

Before we get started with the rest of the day, let’s get some exercise with this walking workout to the Bee Gees.













Betty White died on December 31, 2021 after more than seven decades in Hollywood. What I love is that she committed her life to love, laughter, joy and care of animals right up until her death. She was a senior living a vibrant life and was a real inspiration to so many people. I would like to use todays’ program to pay tribute to her life. Here is a brief blurb from Wikipedia about Betty White's life. And here is Betty White and her husband Allen Ludden as guest stars in What’s My Line.













Betty White appeared in many game shows. Here is a good way to get your brain going a little bit and is also in line with our Betty White tribute.














Here are the foods Betty credited for her long life:














Here are some Betty White quotes:













In January 2010, Betty White received the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award:













If you liked that you will also like her starting off the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony for Morgan Freeman in 2011 when she was 89 years old:














Let’s end our day with this tribute to Betty – thank you for giving us so many moments of laughter. You are a real inspiration to all of us to live our lives fully and to the end.













I hope you enjoyed your day.

Please send us your feedback. It will help us build a better program for YOU.

Stay safe and I hope you check back in next week - Wednesday, Jan. 19.

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