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My Virtual Lions Gate BREAK - May 24, 2021

Happy Victoria Day!


In 1845, during the reign of Queen Victoria, the queen's birthday was declared a holiday in Canada. After Victoria's death in 1901, an act of the Canadian Parliament established Victoria Day as a legal holiday, to be celebrated on May 24 (or on May 25 when May 24 fell on a Sunday).


Here’s a brief history of Victoria Day:













You might like these interesting facts about Queen Victoria:














Let’s get some exercise now. Here’s a seven-minute exercise video that I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to get some water, smile and have fun.














Here is some humor for the afternoon. Although not about Queen Victoria, it is about the royal family, most particularly Queen Elizabeth. Don’t worry, it’s her making the jokes!














A parade is a great way to celebrate a holiday. Here’s The Island Farms Victoria Day Parade Celebration from Victoria, B.C.:














Do you love music? If you do, here’s a Victoria Day playlist. I hope you sit back and enjoy it. When one piece ends, just wait and the next one will follow.














What a great way to end the day, with this video of Victoria Day Fireworks:















Stay healthy and I hope you come back next week for more.

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See you next Monday, May 31.

Pam Havens and the My Lions Gate BREAK team.


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