My Virtual Lions Gate BREAK

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My Virtual Lions Gate BREAK - June 28, 2021

It is so very hot right now so please be sure to drink lots and lots of water throughout the day.


Let’s start the day with these gentle stretching exercises:













I hope that you feel relaxed. For this week’s quiz, you have to guess the animal based on the pictures you see and put together. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all. I didn’t! 












Here is a nature walk, one of my favourite local hikes up the Baden Powell trail to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove. Have you hiked this?














If you have been to Deep Cove, you may have seen people kayaking, so I thought you might enjoy this.














Let’s stick with the water theme now. Here is a video of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world.














Did you like my new favourite comedian, Jeanne Robertson? Here is one more video that you may enjoy if you liked her brand of humor.












This is an inspirational way to end our day. Here is an 80 year old Glaswegian singer on one of the biggest stages and getting a standing ovation. Enjoy!














I hope you enjoyed the day. Stay healthy and I hope you come back next week for more.

Please send me your feedback. It will help me build a better program for YOU.

See you next Monday, July 5.

Pam Havens and the My Lions Gate BREAK team.


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