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My Virtual Lions Gate BREAK - June 21, 2021

Let’s start the day with some exercise. I love this stretching video as a gentle way to start (or end) the day. Remember to stretch gently. Don’t push too hard.













This is a great way to work your brain and get your mouth watering for lunch. This video is like charades. You have to guess the fruit based on the pictures. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all. I didn’t!














Let’s get some connection to nature. Here is an interesting video about the 12 most beautiful places on Earth:














You might also enjoy this video of the wonderful natural phenomena:














Humour is said to be the best medicine. I hope you enjoy this comic who has a special form of humour that I love. Here are three short videos of Jeanne Robertson. The first is don’t bungee jump naked:














The second is don’t go rafting without a Baptist in the boat:














And the final video is called don’t send a man to the grocery store.














Let’s end the day with some music. Here is a short performance by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons from July 2014.














If you like his music and you want a full concert, click here.














I hope you enjoyed the day. Stay healthy and I hope you come back next week for more.

Please send me your feedback. It will help me build a better program for YOU.

See you next Monday, June 28.

Pam Havens and the My Lions Gate BREAK team.


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