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My Virtual Lions Gate BREAK - July 12, 2021

I like to start the day with some exercise and this is a video that I’ve shared before but I think it’s fabulous. Every time I watch this, Paul Eugene makes me smile and want to move. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the moves right. As long as you are moving and smiling all is good. Don’t forget to drink some water after you exercise and never do anything that hurts.













Now that we’ve moved our body, let’s get those brain cells moving. Here’s a video of riddles. Don’t worry if you don’t get the answer. I didn’t get them all, either.














Time outside in nature is always lovely. I came across this video and found it really interesting. I enjoyed it and hope that you like it as well.














If you feel that you need more time in nature, here’s an amazing virtual nature walk in the forest:














Now, we all know that laughter is the best medicine. Did you ever watch the TV show Bewitched with Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York? I find this kind of entertainment quite funny and I hope you do as well.














If you like magic, you’ll enjoy these wizards from America’s Got Talent. Be amazed and enjoy yourself.














One of the most famous magicians of modern times is David Copperfield. Here is a lovely way to end the day with this amazing concert called David Copperfield Illusion.














I hope you enjoyed the day. Stay healthy and I hope you come back next week for more.

Please send me your feedback. It will help me build a better program for YOU.

See you next Monday, July 19.

Pam Havens and the My Lions Gate BREAK team.


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