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My Virtual Lions Gate BREAK - August 24, 2020 

Let’s get started. My Lions Gate BREAK members are part of a special club. I think this is our theme song:





Please email me if you have another idea for a theme song for us.

As you may have already guessed I am a fan of musicals. I find them energizing, uplifting and make me want to move my body. 


This is the Barn Raising Dance from the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - feel free to dance along with them!










The 1954 American musical was directed by Stanley Donen, with music by Saul Chaplin and Gene de Paul, lyrics by Johnny Mercer and choreography by Michael Kidd. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers won the Academy Award for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture and was nominated for four additional awards, including Best Picture (where it lost to Elia Kazan's On the Waterfront). It is regarded as one of the best musicals ever made.


Lunch topic of conversation: “What’s the most useful thing you own? Why did you choose this?” If you want to share your choice with me please email me.


Have you had some time outside today? If you live in North Vancouver, perhaps a walk through the woods looking at the beauty of our nature. Have you ever walked the iconic Quarry Rock in Deep Cove? Although the hike up to Quarry Rock is currently closed and this may not be the quickest video of a trip to Quarry Rock but join me anyway:










While we are outdoors enjoying the view, let’s take a relaxing flight in a hot air balloon, soaring above fields in rural Alberta:








Let’s now get some exercise. Here is Parkgate’s Ariyanna with Sure Feet. Enjoy!










Laughter is the best medicine. There is something about animals and babies and their relationships. Watch this and enjoy. (Note: just let the video run for more touching footage of babies and animals.)









This is a lovely way to end the day. These are 15 Unbelievable Places the Actually Exist: 











I hope you had a great day.


Please send me your comments, suggestions for future 'days' or let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Please send me your feedback. It will help me build a better program for YOU.


Pam Havens and the My Lions Gate BREAK team.


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