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My Virtual Lions Gate BREAK - August 3, 2020 

Let’s get started. My Lions Gate BREAK members are part of a special club. I think this is our theme song. 





Please email me if you have another idea for a theme song for us.


Here are some really beautiful and creative people building musical instruments and making amazing sound. Here is the Coolest Concert Ever. 





Now watch this musician who builds and plays instruments made from trash. Recycling at its finest!








Lunch topic of conversation: “Do you recycle? Do you believe the reduce/reuse/recycle will help our environment? How do you feel about environmental issues? If you are interested, I found some interesting videos: Julia Roberts is Mother Nature:








Harrison Ford is The Ocean:








And Shailene Woodley is Forest:








There are many more of these videos so please let me know if you enjoy these and want to see more. 


Have you had some time outside today? If you live in North Vancouver, perhaps take a walk through the woods looking at the beauty of nature. If you can walk on the beach and find a beautiful stone or seashell, pick it up and enjoy. Come back though and enjoy the rest of what I have in store for you.


Ok. Let’s now get some exercise. Here is Gail Roxburgh with her latest Brain and Body Fitness video. In this class, we will be doing “exercises that will wake up our brains.” Some of the moves will activate both sides of the brain at the same time, while other moves will challenge the brain by attempting completely different moves at the same time. The main object of the class is to laugh and have fun!








Are you ready for a laugh? Anyone like Carol Burnett? These are her personal best clips. Enjoy.









Let’s end the day like we started with music entertainment and creativity. Here some amazing Ice Drumming on Lake Baikal. This is very relaxing. Real video from Irkutsk ethnic percussion group Ethnobeat. They play on frozen water. You can read about them here.   




I hope you had a great day.


Please send me your comments, suggestions for future 'days' or let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Please send me your feedback. It will help me build a better program for YOU.


Pam Havens and the My Lions Gate BREAK team.


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