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My Lions Gate BREAK

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Jennifer Dibnah

My Lions Gate BREAK Coordinator

604-988-7115 ext. 2009


The My Lions Gate BREAK (MLGB) program, operated by Capilano Community Services Society, is a gathering place for individuals experiencing the changes associated with mild to moderate dementia.


Our mission is to support and enhance the lives of each individual and their family caregiver within a community setting, supported by a dedicated team of staff and community volunteers. The goal is to provide low-cost creative care in the form of fellowship, fitness, leisure and lifelong learning opportunities so program members can live their best life.


The program operates on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 am – 3 pm at Lions Gate Community Recreation Centre. The program runs year-round with brief breaks (of one to two weeks) in spring, summer and winter.

The program is flexible and responsive to the needs of members. A diverse range of activities are offered, with recognition of members’ interests, limitations and changing moods, to ensure a happy and meaningful day in a safe and secure environment.

Members are given encouragement but are never forced to participate in an activity.

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Ongoing assessment allows staff and volunteers to identify needs, which informs our planning process. Evaluation, which is also ongoing, ensures the program remains responsive to members’ needs and well-being.

The member’s care partner is the most important person in providing information to assist staff and volunteers to become familiar with each member’s interests and needs.

Program Goals

  • To create an environment of friendliness, safety, predictability, and acceptance that will relieve fears and anxiety.

  • To promote a sense of belonging and establish some order in the member’s world.

  • To provide quality of life via a program of varied activities, stimulation, and socialization.

  • To maximize a member’s abilities and independence by identifying and providing age-appropriate activities aimed at increasing self-esteem, and sense of self-worth.



  • Encourage group interaction and socialization.

  • Reinforce a sense of identity, increase self-awareness and orientation.

  • Highlight sensory experiences.

  • Maintain independence.

  • Decrease anxiety, restlessness and wandering.


Program Activities

  • Musical activities, dancing, and entertainment.

  • Bus trips into the community.

  • Social meals and fellowship.

  • Reminiscence.

  • Quizzes and word games.

  • Brain gym.

  • Physical activities and chair yoga.

  • Liaison with community groups /schools.

  • Laughter yoga.

  • Meditation and reflexology.

Program fees: $40/day paid in six-week sessions.

For more information and to register for the program, please phone 604-988-7115 ext. 2009 or email:

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