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Lions Gate Virtual Views - November 4, 2020 


Welcome to Lions Gate Virtual Views. We hope that you can escape with us on these weekly virtual journeys!


We thought that, with many people needing some ideas to stay entertained, we would start this new virtual program.


Please email Melanie with any feedback or suggestions for future program content. Enjoy!

Let’s start the day with some exercise. We thought this was a great senior’s workout video. (Keep watching if you want more fitness videos.)










Did you celebrate Halloween last week? Did you carve a pumpkin? Even if you didn’t, there are plenty of pumpkins around right now and they are very reasonably priced. There are lots of things you can do with pumpkins that don’t involve Halloween. Here are some amazing crafty things to do with a leftover pumpkin:










If you haven’t used all your pumpkin for crafts, you might want to try this amazingly easy pumpkin soup recipe. It only has four ingredients and looks totally easy, healthy and yummy.











Now it is time for some fresh air. Even if you can’t get outside today for a walk, sit back, relax and enjoy the fall colors of the fall foliage in New England. Even though this video isn’t in British Columbia, we do have beautiful fall colors right now.











If you enjoyed that, you can continue to watch enchanting autumn in New England, U.S. & Europe:












How about some music that you may remember and can sing along to? Here is Autumn Leaves by Frank Sinatra. (If you keep listening you will hear the same song by Nat King Cole.)











George Winston is a great artist. Here is George Winston’s Autumn – the full album. Sit down, relax and enjoy:










Make sure that you come back next week where we will spend some time remembering our veterans and Remembrance Day.


Please send us your feedback. It will help us build a better program for YOU.


See you next Wednesday, Nov. 11.


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